Qualito Software Development Outsourcing connects more than 5.000 technology professionals across Europe. Our aim is to rapidly staff your needs with suitable experts for your project.


Qualito was founded in 2016. It is an international software development outsourcing company which offers comprehensive consulting services for various IT tasks. We develop software to create solutions that drive innovation, productivity and business performance. Outstanding services are provided by international on-site consultants as well as Nearshore and Offshore teams from Eastern Europe.

Our individual IT consultants and developers have a wide range of experience with various technologies. We also offer a large spectrum of Quality Assurance (QA) and testing services, that enable us to identify the flaws and vulnerabilities of the software applications and hardware. Our work model incorporates a blend of modern tools and technologies.

Qualito cooperates with over 50 IT partners in 14 countries across Eastern Europe. Amongst those companies, are certified Microsoft and SAP partners and IT experts, which cover a wide range of technologies such as Java, .Net, Ruby, iOS, Android, Python, PHP and many more.



Whether you have a special project or an issue with your existing software, our highly skilled IT experts will completely analyze the problem for you and help you fix it easily


Based on individual business needs, our experts deliver customized software with advance scalability & security. We offer tailor-made software. We plan carefully and integrate your feedback throughout the process.


Our QA services include test strategy, planning and execution. Whether you need a full-service QA or just a fresh perspective and best practices around testing, our consultants cover a wide range of testing services.


We offer manual and automated testing. Manual consists of specific and detailed cases. Automated takes place in the cloud. The test is carried out on virtual machines that are able to virtualize OS, browsers, add-ons and custom software.


Project-Based Delivery

Our approach improves effectiveness by defining realistic results and monitoring the progress. We align project objectives with process and resources. Projects which are having a result based approach are developed on short term, but have a high impact on your business. This is a scalable model that can be ramped up and down within a very short period of time.

Onsite Consultants

Our on-site consultants combine consultancy, technical and business analysis as well as scalable solutions. Our highly qualified consultants and developers contribute value through Business Analysis, IT Project Management, Software Development and Quality Assurance (QA) testing services.

Our Technology Stack

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