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What we do
When you need to scale up your project team or tap into specialist outside expertise,
Qualito has the people, knowledge and skills to deliver your project.

No matter what software challenges you face, you can rely on our highly qualified professionals to help – with everything from ideation to QA testing, over the short or long term, remotely or on site.

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Our domains
Financial Services
Fintech software Whether you've come with an idea for an innovative blockchain product or a revolutionary app to transform how people save, pay, borrow or invest money, Qualito can help you build it. We have extensive experience in developing financial applications, plus the dedication to help your fintech projects succeed.

Qualito recently helped a customer in financial services to build a GDPR-compliant microcredit referral portal. Created using responsive design, the new online platform integrated not just several microcredit lending companies, but Google Ads as well.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) – The reliability of business operations and availability of products and services are critical to any organization's survival. In the financial sector in particular, tougher regulatory requirements mean greater pressure to ensure effective risk reduction and crisis management programs are in place.

Qualito's business continuity experts can help financial services institutions of any size, in any field, develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans that assure resilience to and recovery from a range of potential threats, including natural disasters and cyber attacks. Our services span all aspects of business continuity planning, including threat assessment, business impact analysis, recovery strategies and testing.

Qualito has the skills and expertise to deliver a broad range of integration projects for international customers in the telecommunications industry. When we started working for this sector, we integrated innovaphone VoIP systems and Zendesk ticketing systems for clients in Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Today, we provide SaaS services to clients across Europe that help them streamline their customer service and provide a first-class customer experience.

As a Zendesk partner, Qualito also developed ZenPBX, an integration platform that connects Zendesk Support with call-center and call-recording systems, customer databases, and other customer-specific systems (CRM).

Gaming and Gambling
Developing games sounds like fun – and it is! But creating a good game involves a whole lot more than it takes to write a good app. At Qualito, we understand just how important factors like security, time-to-market, scalability, performance and a first-rate user experience are. And that's why, when it comes to producing top-quality, well designed games, we're well ahead of the curve. We offer clients comprehensive development services for single- and multi-player games, covering everything from game design and graphics to programming.
Retail and E-commerce
E-commerce applications can help your business to drive sales and win new customers – no question. But meeting customer expectations and standards can be a challenge. Your store's look and feel, responsiveness, payment options and overall usability are all important. But the background processes, too – like payment interfaces, merchandise management, logistics and CRM – all need to work together perfectly. We know what we're talking about: Qualito also helped a large Scandinavian retail chain to develop and quality-assure its online store.
Travel and Mobility
With our significant expertise in the travel and mobility sector, we at Qualito understand our customers' – and their customers' – needs and expectations. For instance, we're supporting an innovative mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) provider by carrying out continuous quality assurance on their MaaS app. The app enables users in several major cities and different countries to book, use, and pay for various forms of transport, including the metro, trams, taxis, e-scooters and hire cars.

For this MaaS pioneer, making sure the app works perfectly for its entire user base is business-critical, so we regularly check it's functioning properly across a range of devices, operating systems and configurations. It's no small challenge.
Why choose to work with us?
    Full range of services
    Farm out your project to Qualito, in part or in full. We'll handle everything – from the conceptual design, architecture and planning to UI/UX design, front and back-end development, quality assurance and project management.
    Expertise in breadth and depth
    Our experts are at the forefront of software development and have years of experience spanning technologies and industries ranging from block chain and AI to automotive and banking.
    Matching your needs
    Are you short of manpower or crucial expertise? No problem: We can adapt flexibly in line with your current needs and supply the capacity you require, when and where you need it.
    Sustained success
    We've built long-standing client relationships of which we're proud. They reflect our strengths as a collaborator and the project successes we've shared.
    European – 100%
    Geography and cultural proximity count: We believe in short distances and efficient communication. This is why we have offices in three European countries and work exclusively with IT professionals in Europe.
    Fair pricing
    Projects differ in terms of challenges and scope, so we can't give project prices here. But what we can do is quote for a specific piece of work. Plus, you'll be pleased to hear you can try us out for free. How's that for fair?

    Talk to us now about your project.

    Software Development
    We create tailored software solutions according to your specifications and requirements, and with special emphasis on security and scalability. Our experts carefully assess your needs and starting point, offer in-depth advice, and coordinate closely with you throughout the development process. We can help organizations of any size – from start-ups to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises – to create the software they need to drive innovation, productivity and digital transformation.

    Years of writing software for iOS and Android mean we have the smarts and experience to turn your ideas into compelling mobile applications. We bring our design and engineering skills to bear to create apps that deliver the right user experience to drive your success in the mobile space.

    Project Management
    Professional and efficient project management is a key success factor in IT projects. Qualito offers two approaches to help deliver your project: We can either manage it entirely and ensure it executes smoothly, or we can advise you on best practices in project planning, control and reporting.

    Our project managers are seasoned professionals, well-versed in proven project management tools and methods and experienced in dealing with the risks and challenges associated with software projects.

    Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing
    For businesses looking to gain effective control across the entire software development lifecycle and an accurate picture of actual product quality, we're the ideal partner. At Qualito, we can make sure that your software runs properly, is user-friendly and conforms to industry standards.

    Our quality assurance and testing services range from test strategy definition to test planning and execution. Whether you want full-service QA testing or just a fresh perspective and guidance on best practices, Qualito's consultants can advise you on a wide range of QA methods and scenarios – from manual and automated testing to system, acceptance, mobile-app and integration tests.
    If you're looking to optimize your current software portfolio, redesign your processes or put innovative new business ideas into practice, Qualito can provide the expert advice and guidance you need to cut through all your software and digital transformation challenges.

    Our consultants have a wealth of professional experience spanning multiple technologies, platforms, methodologies and industry sectors. You can rely on them to help with everything from current status assessments to acceptance testing to conceptual design and software specifications. Plus, they're available for long- and short-term projects, both on-site or remote.

    There are two options to choose from: You can either entrust the whole of your project to us, or you can decide to keep it in-house and let us find the right experts to help you deliver it.If you pick the second, we start by working through your project requirements with you and propose the right specialists for the job from our pool of professionals. You can then conduct an in-depth interview by phone with each of the consultants we find to assess their suitability for the project. If you're not convinced by a particular candidate, we'll continue our search to find an expert who's the right fit for your expectations.

    „For our European Banking operation it was critical to have a solid Business
    Continuity Plan in place in order to comply with latest regulations. With the support of Qualito´s Banking experts we know how to remain in business."

    CIO at an International Bank
    „Qualito took our goal to integrate our systems as their own and managed to fulfill our needs within the time and budget estimated before the project."
    Ardi Järveveer, Euronics
    What our customers say
    Head of IT at an E-Commerce company
    „We see Qualito not only as a supplier of international IT experts but also as a trustworthy partner who served us with their knowledge and skills. We appreciate their openness, flexibility, technical competence, and in particular, project management skills."
    Who we are
    Qualito is an agile and responsive company with a strong and dedicated team of people. We believe that a collaborative and engaged approach to working with our customers is the best way to assure mutual success.
    Formed in 2016 by Rainar Ütt, Qualito has built a successful business across multiple European countries and beyond.

    Qualito has clients in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, and currently employs more than 50 software engineers.

    As an owner-managed company with an excellent credit score (Bisnode AA rating), Qualito offers clients the peace of mind that their software projects are in safe hands. In March 2019, Qualito and Datafox, an Estonian IT company, jointly formed Datafox Software Engineering, which provides full-stack IT services in Estonia. The new company's portfolio includes virtual servers and storage, cloud-based software, backup, archiving and IT support services, cyber, network and IT security services, data center solutions, and IT as a Service (ITaaS).
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